Release 338 notes

Good day Leaders!


It’s almost the holiday season and we’re in a giving mood.


This Friday we’re rolling out release 338. In this release are a number of new features that we think are useful for any sales organisation, and will give team leaders and managers a better overview of their teams.


Territory Management.

Replacing the “Assigned to” field we now have an “Account Manager” field. Users are not automatically an Account Manager anymore, instead only those users you nominate will appear in this list.

In addition we now have a new Hierarchy page, which allows admin users to set up their sales organisation, and assign account managers to specific teams, allowing a better overview of your organisation. Some would call this Territory Management. We do too.

This will dove-tail into another planned release later this month, where you can use this hierarchy to lock off records, so a user can only see their own team’s records.


Content Library.

Included in this release is an update to the existing content library, implementing the ability to load files directly to Companies, Contact, Leads and Opportunities.

Admin users will also be able to set allowed file types, so they can lock out any potentially harmful, or unnecessary file types.

The total size of available space for your organisation is determined by your highest subscription level. More details are now available on our pricing page.


Business Intelligence Dashboards.

While our standard dashboards do the trick most of the time, they are, well, very… standard.

Now, (drum roll please..) with our BI Dashboard page you can tailor your charts to show exactly what you need from your Leads, Opportunities, Companies or Contacts; and you can download or print these charts for ease of reporting.

With this easy tool you can select what you want to report on and set the aggregate method, very easily and quickly. In addition, you can narrow down your data using your already saved queries.

Given this is the holiday season, we decided to treat you all with a special surprise. This is not the only release you’re getting this month. Just in time for Christmas (or Chanukah, or Kwanza, or Newton’s Birthday) we will be releasing Sales Automation, and we’re pretty chuffed with how it’s coming together. Keep your eye on this space.


And, as always, there are more in depth articles covering all three items here on our knowledge base, so have a play in your database, and feel free to ask me if you get lost!

Happy selling!


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