What is a Content Library and How to use it on L365?

Content Library - A data repository, in which users can store/upload their important files such as training videos, commercial PDFs, Excel files etc. in the CRM. With this, we can also be able to attach a certain file into a record or Company. 

Max file size that can be upload is only 1GB per file.



What type of files can be uploaded?

- There is a option that we can actually edit/choose what type of files that we want to come in or not in our CRM.

1. In the Homepage, expand "System" menu and click "Content Library".



 2. In the Content Library page, you can easily add or remove file type you need to allow or not by checking/unchecking the tickbox. 

When Checked - This is allowed.

When Not Checked - This is not allowed.


In case, you need to import a file but its file type does not include on the list option, just simply type in the file type name on the Add bar and click Add.

For example, you need to add .zip files.

 This functionality helps us to control what kind of file we need to be in our system.



How can we attach or add a file on a certain Company?

1. Locate the Company you need to attach file into.

2. On the Company Details page, click "Edit".


3. On the Edit Company page, scroll down until Content Library section, choose your file and then click upload.

 That's how we attach file into a record.



Note: The maximum total size of all files that can be loaded is determined by the highest subscription level in your database.

Free - 1Gb (this is a 30 days free trial)
Small - 5Gb
Medium - 7Gb
Large - 10Gb

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