What is a Territory Management in L365 CRM?

Territory Management - This include the Hierarchy and Account Manager list in your CRM. 

Territories are used to define the jurisdiction of responsibility of a salesperson over a set of sales accounts


Hierarchy -  A system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other. This reflects the internal view of your organization. In here, we can draw a graph that represent the Org Chart of our Company, from CEO to Account Managers.


How to create a Hierarchy on our CRM?

1. On the Home page, expand Territory Management and click Hierarchy.

On the same page, click on the "Create Hierarchy" button.


2. A menu will pop out that is asking for your Hierarchy name. Type in the name and click Add New.


3. Create a child under CEO, click "Create Child". A menu will pop up, same process type in the name and click Add New. (Same process as step 2.)


4. You can create as many children as you want, you just want to make sure that you choose the CEO as your Parent Hierarchy. If you want to create branches on those children, just make sure to choose them as parent hierarchy of the new node you are creating.

This will result in a simple Org Chart.


If you noticed, when creating a new Hierarchy, there is a Tag field. What is the importance of tag here in Hierarchy?

Based on the Chart above, we have positions, but no account managers assigned to them. For example, you might need Accountant Managers and Admin People to work on a certain project. This is the time TAG will be used. You just simply put the same tag on the team and any Account Managers that will be working in it.

A. Click Accountants on your company hierarchy, and put a tag on it by typing the person's name that belongs to that project (for example Mark G69) and click assign tag. Any Account Manager who has the same tag will be assigned to that team.


B. Do the same process on "Admin People". And the result of your chart will look like this (see blow).

That is the basic way of creating an Hierarchy.


If you want to know how to add Account Managers, please see 




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