Tag Functionality on L365 CRM

TAG - A label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information.


Perks of having TAG functionality in the CRM:

  • We can identify/locate a certain record.
  • We are able to filter them via Company, Contacts or Lead
  • It minimizes the work of the SEARCH function.
  • Managing of records/file is easier.
  • User friendly and very convenient to use.
  • Best in grouping/sorting records.


How to set a TAG on L365 CRM?

You have to create a tag into an existing record. Search/find the record in the CRM that you needed to set Tag with, either Company, Contact or Lead we can set tag from each page.

In this case, I will be searching for a Company record called “Test Company 999” and will put tag in it.

1. Insert the Company name on the search bar. Upper left corner of the page and hit enter.


2. On the search result page, click the hyperlinked company name.


3. On the company page, you will see a field called “Label Tag”. You can set the tag in there by typing the label you need to put in it or you can choose existing label if you need that record to belong on that particular tag. Once you click the field box, existing labels will appear. In this case, I created a tag called “Tag Testing 101” for Test Company 999. After typing it in, just click the Add button under the name itself.


4. After adding it, the tag will be hyperlinked. Click the “check” button when you are sure that is the tag you need to create to save to that company. If not, just simple click “X” beside the tag name and create again.



 How to use tag to identify/locate records?


A. Go to Homepage, click the Search Tag button then a menu will pop up.Type the tag on the search bar and click “Search” button.


B. You will see the Company that has that tag on search result.



In case, you have already a lot of tags on the CRM and you need to filter your search tag via Companies, Contacts or Leads etc.

 Simply, go to the filter drop down filed on the Search Tag pop up menu.

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