Release Notes - Version 336

This release is made last September 19, 2015 (Saturday)


The changes and updates in this release are:

Various Bug Fixes, including;


  1. Editing notes in opportunities, including issue stopping a user editing the opportunity after viewing its notes.
  2. Mapping to Lead Notes on file import now works as intended.
  3. Field validation now shows when a Lead Name is too long, instead of simply not creating the Lead.
  4. Fixed an issue quick adding campaigns to a new Lead/Company.
  5. Squashed a bug with the ‘Reports to’ field on a contact.
  6. Admin users can now Add, Edit and Delete funding sources, not just add them.
  7. Anihilated some 404 issues that had crept back in.
  8. Exterminated some 401 – unauthorized issues that had developed - all by themselves..without us noticing..tsk tsk.


Various Labeling and Graphical issues, including adding User ID to show on the User page.


Improvements to functionality, including;

  1. Better HTML support on our Email Template editor.
  2. Reinstated a better version of Order of Operation for queries.
  3. Improved functionality on the ‘Allocate new leads’ section, which will make it easier to track what leads have already been allocated, and to whom.
  4. Improvements to File Import reporting, to more easily see what files have been imported, when and what the status of those imports is. This includes changes to how blank files are treated to reduce clutter.
  5. Improved Queries that include “Campaign Name” to show leads IN that campaign, not just campaign owners.
  6. Key Contact now shows on Opportunity Pipeline page, similar to Leads.
  7. Lead Identifier shows on the Company Leads section, to better track your leads.
  8. Unique ID for Companies now shows on the Company list page.
  9. Implemented toggle for telephone masking.
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