Coming in our next update. 25/7/2015

Hello leaders!

Coming in this release:

  • Phone Number and Email for the contact assigned to a lead now show on the Leads Pipeline page.
  • The application now remembers which sections you had open in the “edit” pages and will preserve that as a default for you. This will be expanded to include “View” pages as well in the near future.
  • Opportunities now calculate correctly on the “View” page when the quantity is greater than ‘1’.
  • A rounding bug that caused a non-zero discount to be shown even when total discount is zero was eliminated.
  • Negative values in Opportunities are now shown highlighted red.
  • Opportunity Product values no longer show as $NaN in the background when editing.
  • Opportunity Custom Fields can no longer be edited from the “View” screen, this brings them in line with other fields functionality.
  • Country and “State/County” fields now display correctly on View Company page once more.
  • Bug when searching longer strings in a query now resolved. Queries will work as intended once more.
  • Changes have been made to “Funding Source” in a campaign to make user experience better.
  • Email marketing is now working once again in production databases.
  • Editing a scheduled Email no longer causes contacts receiving that email to disappear from the schedule.

If you have any questions or suggestions why not head over to our Facebook page?

Issues with the new release? Leave a ticket and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy selling!


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