Release Notes - 337 - 9th October 2015

Release 337 was pushed out to production last Friday, the 9th of October.

With this update, a lot of improvements were added and bugs fixed.


  • ‘File under T for Terrific’… Tags have now been added to all record types in the CRM, this allows quick and easy searching and organisation for all your data. For more information please see our new Knowledge base article.
  • Every record now has a Unique ID for users to edit. This is in addition to our system ID’s, so this can be useful for client specific tracking numbers.
  • “State” has been added as a filter for Leads Pipeline.
  • "Email and Web Address" field masking now works correctly, and will accept any valid email or web address respectively.
  • “Last or Next Activity” now sort correctly on Lead Management page.
  • “Assigned To” field added to filters on Lead Management page.
  • Due to user requests, the Lead page now shows some more details from both the Company and Contact page. This make keeping track of your Leads a much easier task.
  • Roll-back for Data Import functionality has been improved.
  • We can now filter Opportunities same as Leads.
  • All currency fields now have a currency mask applied.
  • Previously necessary requirements on Edit Campaign page are now removed.
  • We can now mass update the Campaign a Lead is assigned to from the Advanced Search page.
  • We can now search for Custom Fields from the advanced search function.


  • Minimal tweaks such as wrong spelling/fonts/alignments/uniformity are now sorted.
  • Currency symbol changing back to system default when updating values has been fixed. This was given priority in an effort to combat international money laundering.
  • KPI Tracking Report’s forecast dates now show correctly from Opportunities.
  • Preferred Name/Nickname in Contacts field now correctly displays when a value is entered. We had no idea our application was so formal, so we gave it a few beers and it seems to have loosened up.
  • We can now see who created a Query.
  • Expected Close date on View Lead Page and Call Log Page now update each other correctly.
  • Edit Opportunity pop out hang issue is now fixed.
  • We can now see who updated a Note on Opportunity page.
  • Back to list button is now working.
  • “+Company” button has been found and escorted back to the Company page. Apparently it had decided to wander down to the pub last release and hadn’t been seen since.
  • Key Contact in Opportunities is now Hyperlinked, similar to Leads.
  • Successful or Unsuccessful Status is now displayed on the Last Activity column correctly.
  • Action column is now removed from Email Marketing as it served no purpose.
  • Area Code and Calling Code are now removed from customize filters on Contacts as those fields are no longer in use.
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