Importing from CSV

Have a lot of records you need to get into the CRM but don't want to do it manually?

Luckily Leads 365 will allow you to import Companies, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities from a .CSV file. You can import one or multiple record types at the one time, thanks to a handy mapping tool.

The CRM also has basic de-duplication, based on the unique identifier for each item type (Company name, Campaign name, Lead Identifier, etc.) If you have multiple Leads attached to the one company, for example, the CRM will look to see if that company exists first. If it does exist the CRM will add the Leads to the already created company, if not the CRM will create it for you.


To load your files go to the "File Import" section of the CRM and select your file to upload.

You will be taken to the mapping screen where you tell the CRM which field each column of your spreadsheet will be imported into.

Each field needs to be mapped. Once all the fields are mapped you have the option to start the import.

The CRM may slow down or appear frozen during the load. Once taken back to the "File Import" screen the load will still proceed in the background but you can safely move away from the page.

Once the load is finished it will appear as "Finished" in the file import list.

If you make any errors during the load you can Roll Back any individual load you have done to back out all the records created during that load. Please be aware that there is no way to undo a Roll Back. Once the records are out of the CRM they are gone, and any changes to those records since load are lost. 



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