What we can do on Release 334 Updates?

  • You can no longer delete a parent record when it has dependant records. This will prevent “orphan” leads that cannot be displayed or deleted.
  • Opportunity Type is now exposed to admin users so they can customise the list as desired.
  • Date fields in queries now all have date pickers. This will reduce UK/US date confusion.
  • Fixed system error bug upon some log-out attempts.
  • Fixed system error bug when adding a lead to a company when the company page had not fully loaded yet.
  • "Assigned to” now correctly shows, and can be filtered by, on Lead Pipeline
  • “Assigned to” can now be updated directly from the lead or en masse through the Search results.
  • Filters now stay in place when moving back to the filtered list from a lead.
  • Queries on Lead Name more than 4 characters now work as intended.
  • Minor display corrections.
  • You can now add Lead without experiencing a Run Time error.
  • LeadIdentifier on Query is now working.
  • Allow "Assigned to" to be mass updated from the search results in the Leads Section.
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