What's new in Version 1.334?

Hello Leaders!

Version 1.334 is being released to Production over the weekend 20-21 June. In this release we have provided some key features that I know a lot of you have been waiting for keenly.

The key features of this release are:

  • Fully functional API (now you can integrate with other apps)
  • Import Data from CSV including rollback.
  • Improved Search functionality.
  • Mass Update of records internally.

As well as various UI improvements to enhance quality of life for users.


We are very happy to announce that Leads 365 now has a fully functional API. From today you will be able to GET, POST, DELETE and PUT Companies, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities into your database. We plan to improve this in the future by exposing Activities and Reminders to the API as well.

For more documentation on how to use the API in Leads 365 please visit http://app.leads365.com/[your database name].api/API/Swagger

Import Data from .CSV files

We've had this functionality behind the curtain for a while but have been jealously keeping it to ourselves. No more! You can now import leads into your database from a .csv file. Full details for how to do this are in this article.

If you make an error do not fret! The import from .csv tool had a roll-back function, allowing you to remove any data imported.

Search Improvements

While the search tools provided in earlier versions did the job, we wanted one place to pull everything together for you. The search bar in our left-hand menu has been upgraded to be a lot more powerful, bringing everything to one place. We have also tied in the Query functionality to this search screen, allowing a more refined view of your query results.

Mass Update

This new search section also houses the new mass update tool. Simply do your search or query as normal, select the field to update, and then enter the new value you want that field to have. Simple!

As with any big update you may have questions about new or changed features; please feel free to reach out to us here or by email so we can help guide you through this exciting change!

Happy Selling


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