Release Notes - version 335

Today we updated to Release 335. This update has several new features, fixes and bug squashes...


  1. Back out of Imports has been fixed
  2. Notes can now be mapped when importing data
  3. Several fixes to Allocate New Leads page
  4. Viewing notes when editing Opportunity now fixed
  5. New! Users can now specify the search order when creating a query. Use parentheses to control the evaluation order.
  6. New! Users can enter a quick OR search in the Search Bar. For example, if you searched for A*,B* from the home page you would find all records that had a name starting with A or B.
  7. The search query now returns results from the entire database. Before it was only looking at the existing search results.
  8. Various fixes to merge fields on email templates
  9. Users can now sort Leads Pipeline page by clicking the column headers. Note that there isn't a up/down arrow indicating that this is possible (hot fix coming for that) - but click the header - it works!
  10. New! We have added an Assigned To field to all record types now (Company, Contact, Leads, Opportunities & Activities). You can assign anyone from your User list to any record type in any combination that makes sense for your business. For example, the person assign to the company does not need to be the same person that is assigned to a contact or lead or opportunity or activity.
  11. Assigned To is now included in all Filters on all pages
  12. User ID is now displayed in the User list
  13. The bug on Customise Filter on Lead management has been squished.
  14. Admin Users can now add a new Funding Source
  15. Clicking View Leads from Campaign Dashboard fixed
  16. Reports To selection list on Add Contact fixed
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