Setting Activities

Setting Activities - Activities are events and reminders in the Leads 365. Your database will come pre-loaded with a list of activities, but an admin user can change these in the "Labels & Dropdowns" section.


How to set up a Activity in the CRM?

Note: The activity page itself shows only the list of the activities you have in the CRM, however if you need to set an activity on a particular Contact, you can do it through adding a "Call Log"

Go to Lead Management page and click "Call Log" button, or directly on the lead itself.


As you notice on the image above, only Contacts with Leads are showing on the list.

Remember: You cannot add a Call Log on the contacts that do not have a Lead. The Call is logged on the Lead itself.



Here you can update the Status of the Lead, and select the activity type.

Caller/user can also add "notes" for remarks or call results, these are tracked on the Lead, as well as that Lead's Contact and Company.

Finally, select whether the Activity was successful or not. This is used in the Lead Tracking Dashboard.


You have the option of scheduling a follow-on activity, this is a future activity logged in the CRM to be followed up later. These future activities will show in the "Activity" and "Lead Management" screens.


Scroll down and click "Save" button. 




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