Email Marketing and How to Use It

Leads 365 helps you to automate your marketing with Email Marketing.

You can set a schedule for your email promotions like news, anouncements etc. for a specific date and time.


Email Marketing is located under the "Leads and Opportunites" tab.


You can easily add email schedules (when to send the email):


You can select default templates or you can create your own template by clicking "Add New Email Template" (which email to send).

Choose from which Campaign you wanted the email to send to (who to send the email to).

To appear in this list the campaign must have:

  • Contacts with a valid email address (that has not opted out).
  • Contacts with an active lead.
  • That Lead must also be assigned to the campaign.

Put the Time and Date you want the email to be sent and set the "Reply to Address" to an email you would like the users to respond to. (Normally your email address or company's email address).










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