What are Campaigns, and how do I use them?

Campaigns - A complete, planned course of action formulated to achieve defined objectives in marketing and revenue generation.

They may also serve as 'departments' to know where your Leads came from or who should be handling them.

We also use campaigns by separating leads/records by the months or year they are created.

However you choose to split your leads, campaigns are the best way to implement that.


On our CRM, there are 2 types of Campaigns.

1. Full Campaign - this will let you add campaign in full details, mostly used in commercial propositions.

2. Quick Campaign - this will let you add a campaign quickly, mostly used for small campaigns.


If you want to know how to add a Campaign on the CRM please see 


Campaigns are also used by Email Marketing as a base search for contacts to email; and by admin users in "Allocate Dataset" to parcel out leads.

For more on these please see

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