Building a Custom form.

1. Creating a Custom Form - Expand the System tab and click "Custom Forms"

On the page, click "Create New" button.


You have to save the Custom Form Name first:


After hitting save button, you can now edit or customise your Custom Form:


Choosing the right Field Type for your Custom Form is critical, you must know what kind of question you would like to add in your Custom Form.


There are a lot of field type that can be use on creating Custom Form:

Text - in here, the user can insert any characters but only in a limited number of them. Normally use for short answered questons.

Dropdown - is a graphical control element, similar to a list box, that allows the user to choose one value from a list. It only displays a single value. Normally use for Status, Stage, departments field.

Textarea - This will serve as a note box, can enter a huge amount of characters.

Multiselect - sligthly similar with dropdown, just this time it displays multiple values. Normally use for Country, months or time base questions.

Radio Button - use for choices and the user wil have to tick one of the circles to represent the answer.

Checkbox - se for choices and the user wil have to tick one of the boxes to represent the answer

Date Picker - This field is for Date base question such as Date of Birth, Contract Date, Expiration Date etc.


Do not forget to click Save button when you are done inserting fields.


If you want to know how to attached your Custom Form on a certain Page, please see "How to attached Custom Forms on desired pages?".



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